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Last Updated: 11/3/2022 5:39 PM



Welcome to the Johnson City Schools Transportation Department

2022-2023 Request for School Bus Transportation (Please complete the form and return to your school)

The Transportation Department begins and ends the educational day by providing safe, professional and efficient transportation to eligible students. This includes travel to and from school, educational field trips, special programs and other events and competitions.



  • Students need to be at their bus stop 5-10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Wait in plain sight, but away from the road.
  • Do not horseplay while waiting for the bus.
  • Students should not step onto the roadway until the bus has come to a complete stop and the driver has given the OK signal.


For more safety information, please click here for the ABCs of School Bus Safety.


Bus Safety Complaint Procedure

The following procedure will govern how students, teachers, staff, and community members shall submit bus safety complaints:

  • All complaints shall be submitted to the transportation supervisor by calling the transportation office at 423-794-2360 or email wallaceg@jcschools.org.


  • When calling with a complaint please provide if possible the bus number, time of day, and location of bus. Example: Bus number 22, at 3:30pm, corner of Maple Street and South Roan Street.


As governed by law the transportation supervisor shall begin an investigation of all bus safety complaints within twenty-four (24) hours of the complaint. 


Bus Code of Conduct

Please click here to view our Bus Code of Conduct.


Request for School Bus Transportation Guidelines

Complete the transportation request form only if you are interested in school bus transportation to and/or from school for SY 2020-21.

  • Return completed form to your child’s school. The school will send the form to JCT.
  • JCT will complete the transportation information and call the parent to relay bus stop information.
  • JCT will fax the completed form to the child’s school, along with the effective day of service
  • If your address changes during the school year, notify the school office and complete another form with the correct address.
  • Forms will be mailed to parents during July.
  • Please have your student bring the form to school with them on the first day of school bus service.
  • Please familiarize your child with the exact location of the stop in your neighborhood.
  • It is a good idea for your child to have all contact information written down and kept in their backpack. Contact information should include exact street addresses and phone numbers for parents/guardians.
  • Please allow 3-4 days for school bus service to begin
  • JCT serves residential addresses only.


Last Updated: November 3, 2022